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VoIP Service Providers Resource

VoIP Service Providers Resource brings you the latest and greatest information about this new emerging technology.

Resources - Services

VoIP services from outside vendors are featured on this page. We realize you have a choice in VoIP websites, so than you for visiting ours. The outside vendors listed on this page are companies that we've partnered with to bring you information of VoIP services not contained on our site. Please check them out.

VoIP Termination Service - provides IP telephony operators with Instant access to millions of minutes from multiple operators worldwide.

Iscom Inc.- provides consumers and businesses worldwide with advanced communication solutions, capitalizing on the latest and most advanced communication technologies including voice over IP.

Asterisk Training. SIP training, VoIP Training - Worldwide delivery of Asterisk, SIP and VoIP training courses and seminars. VoiP project management & consultancy offered.

Teracom Training Institute - Telecommunications training seminars, video courses, reference books and elearning on telecom, datacom, IP, networking, wireless and VoIP. Free online tutorials.

RADVISION Ltd.- leading provider of high quality, scalable and easy to use products and technologies for videoconferencing, video telephony, and the development of converged voice, video and data over IP and 3G networks.

Voip Troubleshooter - provides online diagnostic tools for for network managers including information on how to troubleshoot VoIP problems, free online diagnostic tools and useful background information on voice quality and packet statistics.

PortaSwitch - delivers easy-to-administer, easy-to-use, productivity-enhancing IP telephony for enterprises.

Call Center - Professional telephone answering service offering inbound
and outbound call center for businesses with 24-hour services available.

Audio Conference Calling - GAN Conferencing provides operator assisted and unassisted audio conferencing services for more effective business communications.

VoIP Monitor - subscription-based news service covering the Voice Over IP industry. Offers updates and analysis on the latest developments, trends, business opportunities, and legal and regulatory activity in IP telephony.

Packetizer - devoted to packet-switched conversational communication. These are the protocols and systems that ultimately provide the means for humans to communicate with each other in both directions in real time over a packet-switched network. Includes a VoIP Bandwidth Calculator tool for industry professionals.










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